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Security Management Machining Operations Personnel Specified What?

Aug 17, 2015

The use of mechanical equipment is now universal, for many mechanical equipment, when we conduct machining, must pay more attention to safety, in order to avoid accidents, and therefore develop appropriate contingency plans for accidents is very important.

Machinery and equipment to ensure accidents do not happen, not only mechanical equipment itself to meet the security requirements, and more importantly, is to require the operator during machining strict compliance with safety procedures.

So, the safety management provisions Machine Operators, what does?

1. Wear the proper personal protective equipment. The wearer must be worn, not to wear it should not wear. For example, when machining requires workers to wear protective cap, if you do not wear hair cutter could go. Meanwhile requirements should not wear gloves, if you wear a rotating machine part could be twisted into the glove, the hand twisting injury.

2, before the machining operation of machinery and equipment to carry out safety checks, and to empty running about, after confirming normal, may be put into operation.

3, machinery and equipment required to carry out safety checks should be in operation. Especially for fastening objects to see if loose due to vibration in order to re-tighten.