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Installation And Precautions CNC Lathe

Aug 17, 2015

When CNC lathes place, balance should be placed in the free state, then evenly locking bolt. For general machine tools, a level not to exceed the readings 0.04 / 1000mm, for high-precision machine tools, a level not to exceed 0.02 / 1000mm. When measuring installation accuracy, at a constant temperature, measuring tools require constant temperature over a period of time before use. Installation of the machine should be trying to avoid forcing the machine to produce the deformation method of installation. Some parts should just remove the machine when the machine installation, dismantling parts of the machine may lead to re-allocation of internal stress, thus affecting machine accuracy. ʱ??

Geometric precision lathe inspection, the need to clean the machine. Moistened with cleaning agent cotton or silk, not cotton or gauze. Rust oil when cleansed machine factory to protect the rail surface and the machined surface and coated or rust. The outer surface of the dust cleaning machine. In each of the sliding surface and the working surface coating to the machine so that the oil provisions. ʱ??

Carefully check whether all parts of the machine required the addition of oil, cooling box whether to raise enough coolant. Hydraulic machines, automatic oil lubrication system is between the oil level instructions to implement the provisions of the site.