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How To Extend The Life Of Vertical Lathes

Aug 17, 2015

Lathes maintenance mainly extend wear life cycle of components and parts, prevention of failures, improve vertical lathe MTBF working hours and life.

Device Caution

1. Lathes, use of the environment: The best place to make climate environment and away from the larger shock devices (such as presses) and electromagnetic interference devices.

2. Power requirements

3. Lathes, procedures should be regular maintenance, maintenance, failure to pay attention to protect the site and other records.

4. Lathes, not long-term storage

5. Note training and with operators, maintenance personnel

Maintenance vertical lathe system

1. Strict adherence to rules and routine maintenance of the system.

2. To prevent dust from entering the electronic control device floating dust and metal powder is likely to lead to decreased insulation resistance between the electrical components, thus malfunction or even damage to components.

3. Regular cleaning of cooling ventilation system cabinet.