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How To Deal With Heat Deformation Milling Machine?

Aug 17, 2015

Under the influence of internal and external heat sources, milling machine the parts will occur in varying degrees of thermal deformation, so that the relationship between the relative motion between the workpiece and the tool has been broken ring, the milling machine, the whole process is because the calculation of the control command thermal deformation of the impact is more serious. To reduce the thermal deformation structures in the milling machine usually used the following measures.

1, the control temperature rise has taken a series of measures to reduce the heat, the thermal deformation of the situation would improve. But to completely eliminate milling machine and external heat source is often very difficult, or even impossible. Therefore, temperature must be controlled by proper cooling and cooling, in order to reduce the impact of heat source. Wherein the unit more effective method is to heat parts of the milling machine of forced cooling, cold milling machine can also be part of a method by heating, the temperature of each point milling machine in line, so you can reduce the warpage deformation caused by temperature differences.

2, reduce the production of thermal deformation of the main heat source heat internal heat milling machine, it should be separated from the host source as possible.

3, improved headstock spindle milling machine for me, should try to make the spindle thermal deformation occurs in the vertical direction of the tool to cut into. This allows the spindle thermal distortion is reduced to a minimum impact on the processing diameter. The structure should minimize the spindle to spindle center distance of the ground, in order to reduce the total amount of the thermal deformation, and should make a consistent temperature around the headstock, to avoid deformation of the back spindle tilt.