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EDM Extend The Life Of The Seven Skills

Aug 17, 2015

1, the specimen when cutting, before work can be adjusted according to the hardness of rock feed rate, feed rate may occur during the cutting process marks adjust, cutting hard stone according to experience, the general rate of 40 mm / minutes.

2, in operation, the main motor to start, then work into the button to start cutting, because the rocks with irregular shapes, then feed slowly, until the entire blade edge into the rock sample, only a little faster .

3, holding irregular rock, top pressure method available clamping, clamping methods, see Book 1. Clamping step: first rock sample 8 flat on the table, then press the top 10 move along the T-slot jig 3 inserted into the fixture and rock samples from the selected locking screw clamp base, moving up and down the jack bolts 13 to choose a reliable clamping point, then move the ram locking nut 11, followed by rotating the jack, the jack until the top of the rock sample dead, tighten the nut mandrel 12 to prevent the mandrel in the cutting process the loose.

4, when the cutting core samples, such as the number of large rocks, long flapper pressure on available random number appended rock samples, together with the cutting, in order to improve efficiency, clamping method shown in Figure 2, as follows: the rock sample 8 6 flat on the table, the pressure plate bolts along the T-slot 3 is inserted into one end of the long plate 9 is inserted into the square hole in the vertical table, turn the adjusting screw 7 and plate bolt nut 10, can be Rock samples compression, such as the size of a slight error diameter core samples, rock samples in the above plus a strip of thin wood, so long plate can be pressed onto the rock sample. Holding off cuboid and cube-shaped rock samples when, also used this method.