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CNC Lathe Tool Change Time-out Failure Analysis And Approach

Aug 17, 2015

CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency automatic machine with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine will have a wide range of processing performance, can be processed straight cylinder, cylinder slash, arcs, and all kinds of threads, grooves, worm and other complex parts, complex parts in mass production played a good economic effect.

Currently, CNC lathe machine tool industry is widely used, and occasionally failure will occur in the course of their work, and the fault has varied. Tengen heavy after-sales maintenance engineers based on years of industry experience, during the process, the ATC timeout failure, for example, we analyze, hoping to be helpful to you when you use the machine.

Failure Analysis:

1, the turret tool selection normal, forward normally, but can not reverse locking worm gear to prove normal, you can for an initial electrical wiring problems.

2, on the machine turret control electrical schematics, the tool is reverse locking position signal by a position switch to control the issue, open the top and side turret cover, use a multimeter to check the line referring to the circuit diagram, the line is not found open circuit and short circuit, reverse lock by manually pressing the turret position switch, observe the ladder display signal input, so far ruled out electrical wiring problems.

3, inference may be a stopper movement is not in place, position micro switch is not operating, then re-tool change time to look, and found that: not really stop motion place