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Features CNC milling machine spindle power

Aug 17, 2015

Demand for satisfaction conducted malls and scientific skills, higher demand for modern production skills in order to reach the proposed numerical control skills, NC future still continue to open, according to the sixth generation of the direction of the PC, high-speed and high-precision, intelligent conduct and other direction.

CNC engraving and milling machine CNC machine tools, together with a kind of polish and milling talent, whose primary characteristic is the use of small tools and high-speed electric spindle engrave. In the meantime, work spindle speed is usually 20000 ~ 60000r / min, up 100000r / min or more, and the demand in a no-load electric spindle run time work should be smooth, practice speed error is necessary to ensure that less than 10. In the course of their work space, spindle bearing temperature rise should be at the lower of planning control; reverse precision, low speeds usually around 2m, when 20000r / min or more usually about 10m. Because the CNC milling machine is mainly used for processing small commodities, in practice, cutting machining spindle load is small, CNC milling spindle electromechanical less power typically just a few kilowatts, complete high speed is much simpler than the BT40 spindle . It can be better satisfied the needs of high-speed, high-precision machining.

CNC milling machine spindle conduct electricity, but also for supporting the electro-spindle machining center and lay a solid foundation. Ready for plenty of conditions for the processing of the intermediate spindle domestic support. In the future, with strong skills, reliable product quality, brand awareness high electric spindle machine tool manufacturers in the profession will be made to carry out a broad space.