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Engraving and milling machine with a mechanical spindle Features

Aug 17, 2015

Engraving and milling machine spindle generally mechanical spindle and spindle, generally carved, carving are yes. Well, today LAM Carpenter Technology Xiaobian with to talk about the mechanical axis CNC milling machine carving What are the characteristics. Mechanical spindle CNC milling machine carving the biggest feature is the three high and one low (ie: speed, high precision, high efficiency, low noise)

High speed: mechanical spindle CNC engraving and milling machine precision and speed selection paired bearings, flexible / rigid preload structure, can achieve high speed, allowing the tool to achieve the best cutting results.

High speed: 7:24 taper for radial mounting even beat ensure less than 0.005mm. Because the high-precision parts coupled with high-precision manufacturing can ensure.

High efficiency: can be changed using a continuous micro high speed, so that in the process you can always control the cutting speed, so that you can achieve maximum processing efficiency.

Low noise: Balance tests show: all reached the G1 / G0.4 (ISO1940-1 grade spindle at high speeds, with low noise characteristics.