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Domestic electricity industry new opportunities spindle CNC milling

Aug 17, 2015

With the CNC milling machine from time to time to expand the scope of application, not when expanding their market reach. CNC engraving and milling machine along with a carving and milling to CNC machine tools, its main feature is the use of small tools and high-speed spindle stop and engrave.

This tool machining centers come out soon, in the machine tool industry, someone raised questions about the function of processing centers is too wide, use it to process small product cost is too high; to be able to process small product, BT40 spindle machining centers are common requests arrive 20000r / min or more, not only to bring the design and manufacture quite difficult, but also the use of capital is too high. People finally realized that, should the function of small products processed from the processing center parting out, constitute a new kind of machine, CNC milling machine will thus come into being.

 CNC engraving and milling machine is a new type of CNC machine tools, it's born, compensates General NC machine tools (milling, drilling, etc.) processing functions single, and machining centers lack the high cost of small products for China's manufacturing undertaken to provide the high cost of a new machine tool products, is China's machine tool industry in the new army. CNC milling machine carving industry gradually starting from the year 2000 to become an important branch of the machine tool industry. At present, the domestic has been presented with a batch of a range of engraving and milling machine manufacturers, for me