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CNC milling machine motion system requirements

Aug 17, 2015

Now CNC milling machine motion system requirements were generally higher general CNC milling machine requires moving system with high speed operation, high-speed communications, fast interpolation, spindle ultra-high speed, high-precision positioning and high resolution are set to detect and NC servo control, etc.

CNC milling machines only in the motion control system to achieve a variety of interpolated motion can be controlled to achieve the shape of complex parts machining. Control refers to a variety of sports here such as interpolation: linear interpolation, circular interpolation, continuous interpolation and so on. In addition, the control system must works with good velocity control and speed look-ahead. This ensures that the machine CNC milling machine more than stop, start, in order to effectively avoid the impact generated during processing, out of step, trembling. Moreover, in the drive process can be correctly moved to the specified location.