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CNC milling machine carving knife

Aug 17, 2015

CNC milling machine carving knife:

① in order to open the machine and system for operating the machine zero return. In the "F4 way back to participate", then run the key "F6", the bed of the axis will each return to the machine origin.

② blank to be processed securely clamped on the machine table (blank size to be the same size and in the processing module).

③ pickup "F2 handwheel mode" submenu "hand wheel to open the" Press, careful hand wheel, the cutter moves to the workpiece origin. Then the submenu "6 coordinates the" Press, fill artificial piece of coordinate value G54 coordinate system, the saved.

④ manual input method G54 ~ G59: the system is turned on, the first back to the machine tool origin; find the workpiece origin (the knife); the machine coordinate value corresponding to the saved coordinate input parameters dialog box; the coordinate system used by the program head must correspond to the stored workpiece coordinate system.