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6061 Aluminium Alloy

Dec 17, 2015

6061 is a precipitation hardening aluminium alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements.It has good mechanical properties and exhibits good weldability. It is one of the most common alloys of aluminium for general purpose use.

The alloy composition of 6061 is:

  • Silicon minimum 0.4%, maximum 0.8% by weight

  • Iron no minimum, maximum 0.7%

  • Copper minimum 0.15%, maximum 0.4%

  • Manganese no minimum, maximum 0.15%

  • Magnesium minimum 0.8%, maximum 1.2%

  • Chromium minimum 0.04%, maximum 0.35%

  • Zinc no minimum, maximum 0.25%

  • Titanium no minimum, maximum 0.15%

  • Other elements no more than 0.05% each, 0.15% total

  • Remainder Aluminium (95.85%–98.56%)


6061 is commonly used for the following:

  • construction of aircraft structures, such as wings and fuselages, more commonly in homebuilt aircraft than commercial or military aircraft.2024 alloy is somewhat stronger, but 6061 is more easily worked and remains resistant to corrosion even when the surface is abraded, which is not the case for 2024, which is usually used with a thin Alclad coating for corrosion resistance.

  • yacht construction, including small utility boats.

  • automotive parts, such as wheel spacers.

  • some tactical flashlights

  • aluminium cans for the packaging of food and beverages.

  • SCUBA tanks